With lead singer Danny Deane, you don’t have to close your eyes to believe you really have been transported to a classic rock concert. Flamboyant as Steven Tyler himself, Danny is in his comfort zone while in charge of a crowd of raucous rock n’ roll fans. Whether it’s fronting his impeccable tribute to Aerosmith or his homage to vocalists like David Coverdale, Paul Rogers, Dio or Rob Halford, Deane has a voice for the ages! This blues infused, smoky-voiced Canadian lives and breathes the frontman persona, from classic rock to classic metal and every power ballad in between. Deane has a range, style and ability infused with energy and charisma, igniting crowds of music lovers everywhere. Danny Deane and his band are sure to please the most discerning of rock fans with a massive collection of classic rock hits and classics.




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